IPE Training Course 2015 at Kusatsu, Gunma

Goals and Objectives of the Program
  Objectives: To provide technical information and a model for the establishment or
        development of IPE program
   1. To capture the current state and future agenda of IPE and CP
   2. To learn the basic principles how to establish or develop an IPE program
   3. To discuss the possible availability of the model to the participants’ university curricula
   4. To explore the possibilities of research collaboration

Possible Participants:
  1) Educatorsicula to their educational/health care institutions, especially in the Western
   Pacific Region.
  2) Faculty staffs and Graduate Students belonged in Japanese education facilities, such as

Program Schedule:
  Aug 25 – 28 (short ver.) or Aug. 31 (full ver.)
  Refer to the “Timetable for IPE Training Course 2015 at Gunma University” for further
  details of the program.

Venue: Kusatsu Seminar House
  737 Shirane, Kusatsu-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-1711 Japan
  Tel 0279-88-2212

Information about Kusatsu
<English> http://www.kusatsuonsen-international.jp/en/
Access to Kusatsu

Traveling Award  ― Now available until 2016 ―

Of course, we welcome any person without traveling award.

 Please submit “Application form” as attachment files via e-mail with the title (mail subject) of “Application form for IPE training course 2015”. Confirmation e-mail will be sent.
 The application deadline is 30 April 2015.

E-mail address: ytokita@gunma-u.ac.jp
(Yoshiharu Tokita, Gunma University, Staff of IPE Training Course)

 The acceptance of Traveling Award will be announced by the End of May, 2015.

Visa Application

To visit Japan, you must carry a valid passport. A visa is required for citizens of countries which do not have visa-exempt agreements with Japan. Please contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate for visa application.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:

  If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask of us.
  e-mail ytokita@gunma-u.ac.jp

Annex 1.Application form for IPE training course 2015
Annex 2.Guide to Traveling Award of IPE Training Course 2015 at Kusatsu, Gunma
Annex 3.IPE training course 2015 Timetable (tentative)
Annex 4.Accommodation guide for Kusatsu seminar house
Annex 5.Application for stay at Kusatsu seminar house