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Annual Report: Report Year 07-2018 to 07-2019

Annual Report: Report Year 07-2018 to 07-2019 (↑ Click …[more]

Report of Virtual Workshop on Interprofessional Education (Prof. Lee)

Term: 14 January 2021 Venue: Zoom Host: Eulji Universit…[more]

All published studies about IPE are being collected and assessed.

We are collecting and assessing all the published studi…[more]

Report of the 1st Asia Pacific Interprofessional Education and Collaboration Conference (APIPEC)

Details Term: 13th to15th October 2017 Venue: Best West…[more]

Report of IPE training course 2019

Purpose To provide practical information and a model fo…[more]

List of IPE-related articles published in English by JIPWEN universities (since 2009)

Advanced Initiatives in Interprofessional Education in …[more]