Course Outline

Registration for IPE Training Course 2021 is now closed. The schedule for the next program will be posted in February, 2022.


Call for Participants in IPE Training Course 2021, Online via Zoom

In order to provide practical information and a model for developing an IPE programme, Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education at Gunma University will offer IPE Training Course 2021. Owing to the health concerns and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to hold this year’s training course online via Zoom.

In this training course, participants will (1) capture the current state and the future issues of IPE, (2) learn the basic principles of the development of IPE programmes, (3) discuss a model of IPE curricula at a university, and (4) explore the possibilities of research collaboration.

This training course will be most beneficial for faculty members who have a strong interest in introducing new IPE curricula to their educational institutions.
Maximum Capacity: 20 participants or 14 institutions
Please note that when the number of applicants exceeds our maximum capacity, we will limit the number of participants from one institution.

Expected Role of Participants for Collaboration
By giving the training course, we aim not only to disseminate information to introduce IPE programmes but also to build long-term partnership with the institutions that participants represent for future research collaboration. Implementation of a new programme requires a time-consuming process of needs analysis, course preparation, administration, and evaluation. We are ready to work with prospective participants and support them continuously for their implementation and improvement of IPE programmes. The experiences of individual institutions which we share through our continued partnership and support during the implementing and improving process can be a great asset. We believe accumulation of such information is essential not only for research but also for making current IPE programmes sustainable and even better. For this reason, participants are requested to play a central role to implement IPE programmes upon return and report their progress on a regular basis.

Dates and Hours
23rd August – 27th August, 2021: 14:00 – 17:50 (Japan Standard Time, UTC+9)

Programme Overview (tentative)

Monday, 23rd August : Orientation, lectures, and presentation
Tuesday, 24th August : Lectures and workshop
Wednesday, 25th August : Lectures
Thursday, 26th August : Lectures and networking
Friday, 27th August : Presentation

Tentative topics of the lectures, workshop and discussions will cover overview of IPE, current state and the future issues of IPE, simulated interprofessional training based on case scenarios, and introduction of activities of member universities of Japan Interprofessional Working and Educational Network (JIPWEN) and Japan-based WHO Collaboration Centres, and evaluation methods for outcome of IPE. Participants will present the current situation of IPE in their countries/institutions on the first day. Then, they will make plans to introduce/improve IPE programmes in their countries/institutions and present them on the final day.

Programme fee is free.

Application and Notification of Participants
Application will be handled online. Click here to register for IPE Training Course 2021. The application deadline is 31st March 2021. When the number of applicants exceeds our maximum capacity, selection of participants will be carried out. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application by email in the beginning of April. In order to guarantee their space, successful applicants must confirm their participation in writing within a week after the notice. No withdrawal from participation is allowed once participation is confirmed.

Priority for Selection
In case selection is necessary, we have set the following priority order. However, they are set to guarantee a higher level of satisfaction among participants, and they are not a prerequisite for application. Anyone can apply for the training course, whether or not they meet these conditions.
(1) Country: Institutions located in the WHO Western Pacific Region are prioritized.
(2) Affiliation: Educational institutions are prioritized.
(3) Current state of IPE: Participants who intend to introduce new IPE curricula to their institutions are prioritized.

Application Deadline
31st March, 2021

If you have questions, please contact us at gcrtipe_whocc[at]
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