Course Outline

Call for Participants in IPE Training Course 2017

In order to provide practical information and a model for developing an IPE program, Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education at Gunma University will offer IPE Training Course 2017.

In this training course, participants will (1) capture the current state and the future agenda of IPE and collaborative practice, (2) learn the basic principles of the development of IPE programs, (3) discuss a model of IPE curricula at a university, and (4) explore the possibilities of research collaboration.

This training course will be most beneficial for faculty members or health practitioners who have a strong interest in introducing new IPE curricula to their educational or health care institutions.

Expected Role of Participants for Collaboration
By giving the training course, we aim not only to disseminate information to introduce IPE programs but also to build long-term partnership with the institutions participants represent for future research collaboration. Implementation of a new program requires a time-consuming process of needs analysis, course preparation, administration, and evaluation. We are ready to work with prospective participants and support them continuously for their implementation and improvement of IPE programs. The experiences of individual institutions which we share through our continued partnership and support during the implementing and improving process can be a great asset. We believe accumulation of such information is essential not only for research but also for making current IPE programs sustainable and even better. For this reason, participants are requested to play a central role to implement IPE programs upon return and report their progress on a regular basis.

August 21 – August 27, 2017

Program Overview
August 21 Arrival and Orientation
August 22 Lectures and Discussions
August 23 Lectures and Discussions
August 24 Lectures and Visit to a hospital or health care institution
August 25 Lectures and Visit to a hospital or health care institution
August 26 Summary
August 27 Departure

Tentative topics of the lectures and discussions will cover overview of IPE, current state and the future agenda of IPE and CP, simulated interprofessional training based on case scenarios, activities of member universities of Japan Interprofessonal Working and Educational Network (JIPWEN), Japanese health system, and educational system of health professionals in Japan.

Click here for the tentative schedule.

Gunma University

Program fee is free. However, participants pay for their transportation, meals and accommodation.

Participants have two choices of accommodation: hotels in Maebashi City of their own choosing or Gunmaken Seishonen Kaikan (Gunma Youth Center). If participants opt to stay at hotels, we recommend the hotels listed below. They are located close to the bus stops for the bus from the airport and to Gunma University. The price per night at hotels ranges from 5,000 to 8,000 yen (44 to 70 USD). Those staying at hotels are expected to book the hotel by themselves and to use public transportation to Gunma University.
Toyoko Inn Maebashi Ekimae
Comfort Hotel Maebashi
Country Hotel Maebashi
Apa Hotel Maebashi Kita

Those who choose to stay at the Youth Center will also have to stay at hotels on the 21st of August because the Youth Center is closed on Mondays. They will check in at the Youth Center on the 22nd. An overnight stay at the Youth Center will cost about 1,500 yen (13USD) without meals. As a limited number of beds are available, please register fast to secure your bed. Those staying at the Youth Center do not need to book hotels for the first night, as we will make a booking for them. Details for payment will be provided at a later stage. Due to its inconvenient location, transport will be provided from the Youth Center.

Registration will be handled online. Click here to register for IPE Training Course 2017. The application deadlines are as follows.
June 10 for those who need a visa to enter Japan,
June 30 for those who don’t need a visa and wish to stay at Gunma Youth Center, and
July 31 for those who don’t need a visa and wish to stay at a hotel of their choice.

Visa Application
For a visit to Japan, a visa is required for citizens of some countries which do not have visa-exempt agreements with Japan. Please click here or contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate for details.

If you have questions, please contact us at gcrtipe_whocc[at]
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