Terms of Reference

  1. To contribute to better understanding of interprofessional education (IPE) in the context of health profession education reforms at both global and regional levels
  2. To collect and disseminate evidence on the outcomes of IPE with an emphasis on producing a competent health workforce for Universal Health Coverage
  3. To provide IPE training courses, in collaboration with other WHO CCs, to expand educational capacity to implement integrated people-centred services and public health functions


  1. Better understanding and dissemination of WHO/WPRO initiatives in IPE and CP.
  2. Collecting evidence for the effect of IPE on attitudes of learners and educators toward IPE and CP.
  3. Conducting literature review on the efficacy of IPE and CP.
  4. Collaboration with Education Development Centers in Western Pacific Region introduces IPE, under the coordination of WHO.
  5. Development of training course for educators and health practitioners.