Visit from University of Indonesia

Title: Visit from University of Indonesia
Visitor: Eight faculty members led by Dr. dr. Budiman Bela, Sp.MK (K)
Date: 14 July 2017

Summary in brief
University of Indonesia is constructing an affiliated University Hospital, and has a project to develop a training programs on research, education and health practice there. Interprofessional education (IPE) is one the most interesting area in their development. A delegation from University of Indonesia visited the Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (the Centre) (Photo 1). At first a lecture on IPE program of Gunma University and evaluation tools for IPE were delivered by the members of the Centre, Dr. Kanaizumi and Dr. Makino (Photo 2). In the afternoon the delegation observed student group work facilitated by Dr. Abe and Dr. Takahashi and visited Gunma University Hospital. These two events were coordinated by Dr. Kawashima and Prof. Saitoh, respectively. Lastly the delegation and the Centre exchanged opinions on IPE and Collaborative Practice. The Centre recommended a participation in IPE Training Course in Summer, and expressed continuous supports to their project in terms of pre-qualified and in-service IPE.


                                        21 July 2017
                                      Dr. Bumsuk Lee