Report of Kusatsu Seminar 2016: IPE Training Course
Activity 5 of Gunma University Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (WHO Collaborating Centre)

To promote and support the development of IPE that can be adapted to fit various educational and social environments

August 21- August 27, 2016

Kusatsu Seminar House, Kusatsu, Gunma, Japan

Joint activities:
  •Domestic IPE Training Course for academic staff and practitioners

Participants (46 in total):
  •9 faculty members from abroad:
     Three from Indonesia, two from Mongolia, one from Lao PDR, and three from Korea
  •8 faculty members from six Japanese universities
  •3 members from JIPWEN universities
  •26 participants from Gunma University
     18 staff members of WHO CC
     One faculty member
     One graduate student
     Six undergraduate students

Summary of the general discussion:
1) IPE plays an important role in patient safety. Especially from the viewpoint of aviation crew resource management, the importance of fostering the competency of briefing and debriefing among team members from different professionals was emphasized.
2) The timing of an IPE program was controversial. Stepwise introduction of IPE programs during all years of the curriculum was shown by Sapporo Medical University and Showa University.
3) Promoting factors include the approval of the Ministry of Education, leadership of Dean or President, and motivation of faculty members. Approval of the good practice by official organizations outside of the university is effective.
4) From the viewpoint of comprehensive community health care, sharing information about patients among multi-professions may provide good comprehensive care for patients.

All participants voted for the best presenter from the participants from abroad on the 24th August. Dr. Il Bong Moon from Gwangju Health University was selected. He was invited to the 37th KUSATSU INTERNATIONAL SUMMER MUSIC ACADEMY & FESTIVAL concert “Wind Instrument Ensemble/ Dvorak” at Kusatsu Concert Hall.

In summary, participants enjoyed meeting each other. Most of them expressed willingness to initiate or develop their own IPE programs in line with the Toolkit, and to upload their progress on their websites.

Gunma University Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (WHO Collaborating Centre)
Japan Interprofessional Working and Education Network (JIPWEN)