High-level meeting on medical education reform towards profession-oriented medical education in Viet Nam

Attendance:Prof. Hideomi Watanabe(Temporary Advisor of WHO)
Date: 18-19January 2016
Place:Fortuna Hotel, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Summary in brief
Viet Nam is undertaking education reforms in the health sector. Ministry of Health, Viet Nam and WHO Viet Nam organized a high-level meeting to reform the overall medical education system. In the meeting, the following four areas of reforms were discussed: 1) curriculum development, 2) faculty development, 3) development of a national quality framework, and 4) regulation of medical professionals. With regards to the first area of curriculum development, Prof. Watanabe recommended interprofessional education as one of the competency-based educational approaches, and concerning the second area of faculty development he presented a unification approach between universities and hospitals to maintain the educational quality of preceptors in hospitals.

Dr. Hideomi Watanabe
Director, Gunma University Centre for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (WHO Collaborating Centre)


Pictures provided by WHO Viet Nam