Report of AMEWPR Medical Education International Seminar

The Center for Research and Training on Interprofessional Education (WHO CC)
Gunma University

Organizer: Association for Medical Education in Western Pacific Region (AMEWPR)
Term: 8-10 December 2013
Venue: Yookwangsa Hall, The College of Medicine, The Korea University, South Korea
Participants from the Center:
Dr. Hideomi Watanabe, Director of the Center, Professor
Dr. Bumsuk Lee, Associate Professor

The AMEWPR is the division of World Fediration for Medical Education concerned with the support and development of medical education in the countries in the Western Pacific Region. The Association was established in 1988, and now covers 15 countries in Asia. The Association organizes regular meetings and workshops involving representatives from member countries, educators and policy makers, to advance quality medical education in the region. In 2013 AMEWPR annual meeting and international seminar, the Center, as a member of JIPWEN, was invited to introduce IPE (Figure 1 and 2).

The director, Prof. Watanabe, had a presentation entitled “Interprofessional Education in Western Pacific Region” in the session of Guest Lecture II (Figure 3). In the presentation, Prof. Watanabe explained 1) global needs for collaborative practice and IPE, 2) IPE implementation in Asia and 3) case presentation and assessments of Gunma University as a representative of JIPWEN universities.

Dr. Bumsuk Lee
On behalf of participants from Gunma University

January 25, 2014