The Global Health Professional Education Conference (GHPEC) 2023 


Date: 1-2 November 2023
Venue: Asawin Grand Convention Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Organizer: Praboromarajchanok Institute, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
Members: Prof. Bumsuk Lee

Summary in brief
The GHPEC 2023 was a collaborative effort between the Praboromarajchanok Institute for Health Workforce Development, Thailand’s Commission on Strategic Plans for the Development of Health Workforce Education in the 21st Century (2018-2027), and partners in the field of health professional education worldwide. The conference aimed to be vital platform for health professional education networks, exchange insights and progress in the health professional education reform (Photo 1).
The WHO Collaborating Centre (JPN-89) sent Professor Lee in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (Photo2). He had a presentation entitled “Advancing preventive interprofessional education for future pandemics,” and joined the panel discussion of “How to sustain good practices of primary health care professionals post Covid-19” (Photo 3).