Report of the 1st ASEAN Interprofessional Education Workshop 2018

Title: The 1st ASEAN
   Education Workshop 2018
Date: 13-14 December 2018
Venue: Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok,
Participants: Thirty-eight faculty
Member :Prof. Bumsuk Lee                 (Photo1)

Summary in brief
 Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University hosted “The 1st ASEAN IPE Workshop 2018” to share experiences and promote the development of IPE among the various health science institutions in ASEAN (Photo1). Gunma University Centre for Research and Training on IPE was invited to introduce IPE.
 Professor Lee had a presentation entitled “IPE model” and “Competencies and learning outcome.” He talked about 1) a case presentation of IPE at Gunma University, 2) current state of collaborative practice in Japan, 3) IPE dissemination in Asia and 4) IPE evaluation (Photo 2).


                                  Professor Bumsuk Lee
                                  4 January 2019